Mock ring requests

Mocking ring requests using a minimal map

07 April 2017

Most of the time, if you need to test a Compojure API, inside a Ring project or inside a Luminus template, your best bet is ring.mock.request; it’s a great library and I’ve written about it elsewhere. However, for specific cases you might need more granular control over formatting, over content-type or accept headers and it’s sometimes necessary (especially if your API or backend is very pendantic) to special case things, so it’s useful to know what a minimal request map looks like.

In the example below, we’re encoding a request body as JSON, to avoid the default encoding of www-form and also specifying the accept and content-type headers.

There’s an assumption made that we have either the whole app, or a set of routes defined as app in the handler namespace that’s required in the ns declaration.

I’ve found this particular snippet useful for special cases, and it’s easy to see how it can be broken out and made more reusable.

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