Setting up a zsh terminal with agnoster on OSX Sierra

It's been a while...

19 September 2017

I’ve just started a new job, and having not set up a new laptop in over four years, I’ve gotten a little rusty. So, if like me you use mac’s and haven’t changed it in well, ever, then you might find some issues on a new Sierra machine, particularly if you use the combo of zsh/oh-my-zsh and the agnoster theme like I do.

So tl;dr - turns out if you install oh-my-zsh, switch it to the agnoster theme, add a patched powerline font, and add a solarized terminal profile the colours are still wrong, and it’s because the solarized main repo hasn’t been updated post-Yosemite.

The issue is referenced in this pull request and the file in question can be found here.

Download that file and import it into Terminal and bam! You’re set.

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