First steps with GraphQL

Maybe I'm thick, but it took a lot of effort to work out passing lists...

27 September 2017

I’ve recently started hacking around with GraphQL, and coming from a linked-data world, the examples all being fundamentally resource-oriented, sort of like a REST-on-steroids has not really filled the use case I was seeking. After some poking around with the excellent graphql-clj starter kit, which I’ve extended with more examples and some questions here and there, I’ve managed to get some cool stuff working. Extending query types to send complex objects like hashes and lists to your back-end turns out to be relatively trivial, and the powerful list-processing powers of Clojure are there to pick up the slack once your data arrives.

Although it’s been fun working with graphql-clj I think I’d be tempted to move to using Walmart Labs’ Lacinia as it allows for EDN schemas. Parsing strings for schemas is somewhat janky in my book, and I’d like to avoid it if possible.

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