I'm starting a new blockchain-based data project

12 November 2017

It’s a well-known fact among friends and acquaintances of mine that I blew about half of a bitcoin (now worth I guess about $3500) on pizza a while back, but ever since that period I’ve been keeping tabs on the blockchain community and tech.

In the data world for some time there’s been interested buzz around the use of blockchain tech and tangential things like IPFS, and some people like Provenance in the UK have managed to successfully deploy chain-based solutions to data issues.

I suppose somewhat naturally for somebody that’s got used to an immutable, functional world and likes idempotent operations, I’ve been kicking the tires on blockchain tech for a little while and trying to work out where it might fit into the linked/graph/open data world that I’m used to.

I’ve decided that wherever this will lead, it’s going to be held over at, and although it’s a placeholder for now, hopefully the outline of this project will become clear soon.

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