Coop Clojure Dojo 1

Now I think about it, it should have been Dojo 0, but hey...

24 November 2017

So we had the first Clojure Dojo in Co-op Digital today with quite a few heads down and some major patience displayed. As I was going, I was making notes and eval’ing code, so by the end I had built up a small crib sheet of executable examples for some core Clojure stuff. Apologies for how scrappy it is, and for how bad the explanations probably are - I was going pretty quickly, but either way, here’s the gists I dumped out of emacs.

Second, here’s a thing I did after a quick discussion afterward just to show how predicate and single argument function stuff works in conjunction with map. Again, explanation not my strong suit, but hopefully it intuitively makes sense.

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