Kafka Producers in Clojure

Some quick notes

13 April 2018

I’ve been playing around with Kafka for a while, but only recently started work in earnest on an implementation in the wild using Clojure. It turns out that to write a little wrapper around the Java library is pretty trivial, and for the use case of serializing arbitrary hashmaps it’s relatively terse and simple to boot.

During some stress-testing today, on a single Kafka broker on my laptop with no performance tuning I was able to get about 140k msgs/sec throughput as strings from a multi-GB file with 25m rows, so for most use-cases that’s going to be quick enough.

I’m working on a micro-library called needlecast to bootstrap JSON and nippy serializer/deserializers and Kafka producers and consumers, which hopefully I’ll have a first pass at this weekend.

Here’s all the functions you’d need as well as a lazy example to write line-separated data from a static file (it’s just posting the whole line - hopefully it’s obvious where you would change this to do parsing/transforms etc).

This needs a refactor, but here’s the main ns:

Here’s the project.clj you’ll need to run the snippet:

Here’s a travis file as per my other post:

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