Streaming at Netflix

04 May 2018

This blog is at least partly just a scratchpad for myself, so with that in mind - I recently saw a somewhat old, but very good talk about streaming at Netflix. Obviously the mind boggles at the numbers presented, but their service pattern was one of the more interesting parts of the talk.

Either way, it was interesting enough that I felt compelled to write a few notes.

Obviously I don’t work at Netflix, so if you’ve landed via Google - sorry about that, watch the video above if you’re interested in what they were doing in 2016, or blast through the notes below.

I really like the idea of “paved path” and “off road” - I guess I’ve heard similar terms used in different situations - but that’s definitely one I’ll be using at some point.

Bonus points - you have read about DevOps Topologies, right?

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